Academic System
Primary level

At primary level, children are treated as individual and their emotion and social development is a key concern of teachers.

Curriculum Provides a framework for a range of sensory and experimental learning as well as development of basic concepts and skills in various subject area such as mathematics, EVS, computer education besides two languages. Painting, Craftwork, Music, Yoga, Sports are Provided for all round Development.

Junior School

Junior school years are recognized as a period of rapid development and transition. Curriculum is made to keep abreast of the growing “inner life “ of individual as well as pattern in peer relationship. Art and craft, sports, music. life skill, Moral Education, GK and work experience besides, Sankrit are integral part of the school Program.

Secondary level

At Secondary level the educational program shifts in its emphasis towards preparation of students in the syllabus of AISCE examination. Sanskrit and Introductory information technology are included as subject as optional.

Senior Secondary level

The last two Yeats (class XI and XII) from a separat program for which admissions are open and students of class X need to apply a new as candidates. Each student select four subjects in addition to English as given below.

Science Stream

English Chemistry
Physics Maths/ Biology