Special Features

The school is located in an estate extending around 3.2 acres in area, of which more that I acres are occupied by the school complex, consisting of a four floor block, Administrative block, open Auditorium, staff quarters and children park etc.

There are number of games fields for football, cricket, Hockey, volley ball courts, Badminton courts and Athletic track for sports.

Architecturally the campus is unique providing an oasis in serene, healthy natural, pollution free rural surroundings. Lush green trees and plants, with a modern sprinkler system and green houses for nurseries blend ideally with arched, exposed brick-work of imposing buildings.

The infrastructure reflects architectural beauty blending into a aesthetic, surroundings. ensuring a pollution free pleasurable ambience of joy. Seprect common room for girls.


A fleet of transport engaged Transporting the day scholars to the School with well-behaved staff.